Best Small Projector For Work or Play

In the world of electronics, things always seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Digital projects have lagged behind this somewhat as many people were content with larger devices. But companies have not been behind the curve.  Many business-oriented people started asking for the best small projector to take with them to meetings while traveling. 

Several companies offer what you might call a compact projector or micro projectors. These incredible little devices often offer even greater functionality than their full-sized versions. These make it convenient and easy to take your business presentation with you anywhere without having to worry about technical issues when you arrive. They also allow you to take a movie theater with you anywhere. A few of the devices are powerful enough to work outside for evening theater entertainment.

With our reviews of the best small projectors on the market, we’ll take a look at six of these tiny devices and help you decide which small projector might fit your needs best.

iCODIS CB-300 Pico Projector 3D HD Video with DLP 1800 Lumen

The Pico Projector is a versatile hybrid of a mini projector and Android tablet. While primarily a projector, it comes with an Android operating system that allows you to stream movies and music directly through the device. This is a great option for those wanting to use their projector to stream movies and television from services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, or Amazon Prime.

The projector comes with a touchpad on the top which allows you to operate and control all its functions. Or with BlueTooth connectivity, you can easily use a portable keyboard and mouse to operate it. This goes to show that the CB-300 Pico Projector is more than just a protector; it is also an Android tablet computer (though not will all the functionality of a full tablet).

If you do not want to connect the projector wirelessly to your device, the Pico Projector comes with 2 USB ports, a miniUSB port, mini HDMI, and SD Card inputs. You can easily plug in a flash drive to the projector to watch videos directly from the stick.

With a native resolution of 720p, it won’t be completely High Definition, but it will project full, vivid images with amazing clarity.

At 1,800 lumens, the CB-300 Pico Projector isn’t strong enough to operate in a fully illuminated room. But if you can turn the light down, this is more than powerful enough to provide you with great light for your presentations or home theater.

The projector can be charged through a standard power outlet (charger included), or through one of its two USB ports. The battery life on the internal battery will last around two hours before it needs another charge. So, this projector has just enough juice to watch a standard-length film, or make it through a typical presentation.

As with most mini projectors, this is not made to throw the screen at long distances. For optimal performance, you need to be able to keep the projector within 40 feet of the screen. Anything beyond that and you will lose significant brightness.

The projector is highly portable, weighing only 11 ounces, with a 4.7-inch square design that is about 1 inch thick. This is perfect to take with you on a business trip where you need to give a presentation and do not want to have to rely on unknown projectors syncing properly with your tablet or laptop. This also makes it the perfect size to take with you on vacation where you can enjoy dynamic graphics anywhere you travel.

It also comes with a custom mini tripod so that it is easy to set up and use anywhere. This little device is perfect for anyone who want a small project along with some great tablet options.

Lumex SmartPod Mini LED Wireless 120-Inch HD Video Projector

This compact projector is also a combination micro projector with tablet functionality. The SmartPod comes with an Android operating system which makes it easy to use the full range of Apps available at the Google Play Store. You can deliver presentations in PowerPoint directly from the projector with its 4GB internal memory. It is also fully compatible with PDF, Microsoft Excel, and Word.

You can connect to the device wirelessly or through its USB, mini USB, mini HDMI ports, or through a Micro SD Card slot. However you want to connect to this device, it is convenient and offers all the major options currently on the market. This makes it easy to hook up a DVD player, game controller, smartphone, or tablet directly into the projector. And the mini HDMI port can also be used as a VGA port with an additional cable converter.

At 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches, and only 1 inch thick, this 10.5-ounce small projector is very portable to take with you anywhere you might need to project a movie or presentation. It is great for both businesses and educational settings. It will fit conveniently in any briefcase, backpack, or laptop case so you’ll basically be carrying around a 120-inch screen with you wherever you go.

Its 100 ANSI lumen LED powered lamp will give you great brightness and has a lifetime of 20,000 hours. This should be more than enough brightness for any standard setting except for when you cannot turn down the lights. Provided you can dim the room, this projector will give you more than enough brightness and contrast.

Its internal lithium-ion battery will give you up to 90 minutes of projection time on a single charge. This isn’t quite long enough for watching movies, but if you connect the device to your computer through its USB ports, it will automatically charge the projector. Or you can plug it in directly to a standard 120-volt outlet with the included power charger. And while it’s plugged in, the projector can conveniently charge your other electronic devices through its USB and mini USB ports.

While it does come with internal speakers, it also has a standard headphone jack so that you can plug in a quality set of speakers to really enjoy movies and television through the device.

This is an excellent option for anyone needing a quality portable projector.

ASUS S1 200-lumen 854 x 480 HDMI/MHL

The ASUS S1 is a great, compact mini projector for someone who wants a simple projector without all the added functionality of an internal operating system like several of the other models on our list. ASUS is a quality name-brand, and with this mini projector, you get all the great reliability they are known for.

So, while you won’t be able to stream movies directly from this projector, it can do anything a standard size projector can do. It comes with only two input options: mini HDMI and USB. But with any number of simple cable converters you could potentially hook up any device to this projector.

It is extremely lightweight coming in at an incredible 12 ounces. It is about 4 inches square and a little over an inch thick. So, this will fit easily in whatever you use to transport your electronic equipment.

The projector is made for short range situations. At roughly 3.5 feet it will throw a screen approximately 41 inches diagonal. This is a pretty good screen size for a projector this small. The fact that it only comes with 200 lumens power is also an indication that this is not made to be a home theater projector (though you can use it as such if you have a small room).

This will be bright enough for many close quarters situations like a business meeting or a classroom where you can turn down the lights and where you do not heed a massive image projected. And the LED light is rated for 30,000 hours of use. That’s a lot of PowerPoint presentations or classroom videos!

Because it isn’t putting out nearly as many lumens as other models on our list, its rechargeable lithium-ion battery will last an impressive 3 hours on a single charge. That makes it even more convenient for situations where you need portability and may not have access to an electrical outlet.

It also comes with an audio jack to plug in external speakers should you prefer not to use the built-in speakers ASUS includes with the projector.

Controls for setting the picture on located on top of the project for convenience; however, it does not come with a remote control, which would be nice for easier operation.

All in all, if you’re looking for just a simple, no-nonsense mini projector that is highly portable and has the basic features you need from a projector, the ASUS S1 is a good option.

AAXA P300 Pico/Micro LED Projector

The AAXA P300 is another great, simple compact mini projector, but with a big more power and a few more features that the ASUS S1.

It weighs roughly 16 ounces and will fit in the palm of your hand, making it light enough and small enough for easy portability.

Its powerful LED lamp will put out 400 lumens with an approximate lifespan of 15,000 hours. This makes it somewhat of a trade off with the ASUS S1 model as it puts out more light, but won’t last quite as long. Given the generally expected life of most electrons, 15,000 use hours is reasonable. If you plan on using your projector a lot, you might consider the ASUS S1, otherwise, the AAXA P300 should last you as long as you need.

It displays in a native 4:3 ratio, but is compatible with 16:9 for those wanting to throw high definition imaging. Keep in mind, though, that you will lose some resolution here and it will not be 100% HD quality.

The P300 also comes with all the ports you will need: mini HDMI, VGA (compatible), USB, and microSD. This means you will not have to worry about compatibility with your PC or MAC device.

It comes with 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, but these will only last around 60 minutes on a single charge. This makes the AAXA P300 more suitable for situations where you will have access to power. It can operate off the USB when connected to a computer, so that can compensate well for its low battery life.

It also comes with a convenient tripod for simple positioning anywhere you might take it. This is another good option for someone who needs a good projector with lots of light. It will work well for any situation where you can dim the lights and where you do not need movie theater-sized projection.

Lumex Mini Portable Wireless SmartBeam LED Video Projector

The Lumex SmartBeam Projector is a nice step in between the bare-bones mini projectors and the projector-tablet combos.

Lumex utilizes a quad-core processor and Texas Instrument DLP Technology to provide bright, high powered LED images, with excellent contrast. The LED lamp is rated for a 30,000-hour lifespan, so you will be able to get plenty of use out of this device. It will support up to 1080p resolution at 60 fps, so it won’t be exactly high definition, but it will give you clear and vivid images.

It has most of the ports you would expect on a mini projector: mini HDMI and USB. It also features built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity so that you can bypass the cables when giving a presentation or watching a movie.

If you’d like to mount this tiny projector on the ceiling for permanent use, it will rotate the screen image. This gives you a nice option if you are looking for something small, but do not need to portability. It also comes with a remote control for simple, long-distance controls.

And because it has an internal processor, you can easily connect a Roku for Firestick to the USB port to make streaming your movies and television shows easy and convenient. This also gives you the option to watch a movie or video directly from a flash drive. The Lumex SmartBeam will read a variety of video formats including AVI, WMA, WAV, and MPEG4, just to name a few.

A nice bonus feature included by Lumex is the a travel carrying case that doubles as a tripod. While more like a shelf than a tripod, this makes it easy to set up and position anywhere. It also comes with an HDMI cable and power adapter.

With the built-in processor, this is a great model for those wanting a bit more out of their projector.

RIF6 Cube 2-inch Mobile Projector

This incredible little device is a 2-inch cube that weighs around 28 ounces. RIF6 has been able to include an impressive amount of performance and features into this tiny device.

It is fully compatible with all HDMI devices and comes with ports for mini HDMI, USB, and microSD.

Another nice feature included by RIF6 is a flexible tripod. With this tripod, you can position the Cube almost anywhere, including wrapping the tripod around a poll for freeform projection.

It has a native WVGA resolution which is a 2:1 ratio, so while it will display images up to 1080p, these will not be ideal.

The one downside to the cube is that it only casts around 50 lumens. That’s not very bright compared to the other projectors on our list. Because of this, it is recommended mainly for close up situations when you need to project an image. But this is plenty powerful enough to give you a great image in most household rooms, or even in a tent when camping.

The LED lamp is rated up to 20,000 hours of use and you can effectively cast displays up to 10 feet. Its rechargeable battery will last around 90 minutes, and can also run off its USB port.

If you’re looking for an exceptional little gadget with plenty of functionality, the RIF6 Cube is a fun little product. This would make a great gift for that person who always wants the newest devices and technology.

And RIF6 includes a generous accessories package with the Cube. Not only will you get the highly adaptable flex tripod, you also get a remote control, HDMI cable, micro USB cable, and 5 pin and 11 pin MHL cable adapters. You have everything you need in one nifty box.

What is the best small projector?

Our pick for the best small projector is the iCODIS CB-300 Pico Projector.  This little guy has a powerful 1,800-lumen rating so it can put out a great picture, and it is in 720p so it will be crisp.  The battery life is close to two hours, which is well over long enough for most presentation needs for you business folk.  It’s very small, lightweight, and can easily fit in a suitcase or backpack.

There you have it: six amazingly small, highly portable, fully functional micro projectors. With these great options, you’re sure to find the projector to fit your needs. Never has it been easier to take a presentation with you or become your own mobile movie theater.

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