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iCodis CB-300W

Best Portable Projector Reviews 2017: Top 5 Picks

Portable projectors are incredibly handy devices that are ideal for both business and personal use. For businesses, portable or pocket projectors with high resolution image quality are a good idea for presentations of large images on a big screen via a microSD card and an mAh battery (or similar rechargeable battery). This is a solution […]

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The 5 Best Portable Projector Screens on the Market

There are now many businesses and individuals that use portable projectors for a variety of reasons. For some, it is all about being able to watch movies and shows on a big screen while others want a more immersive gaming experience. Others view photos and home videos from their devices on the big screen via […]

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Best Small Projector For Work or Play

In the world of electronics, things always seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Digital projects have lagged behind this somewhat as many people were content with larger devices. But companies have not been behind the curve.  Many business-oriented people started asking for the best small projector to take with them to meetings while traveling.  […]

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Choosing A Projector for Outdoor Movies

The best part about a projector is that it gives you the privilege of enjoying entertainment both inside and outside of your home. You can move the equipment around whenever you like without any of the problems you would face if you were moving a regular television.  However, when you are planning to buy a […]

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Best Projector Under $500: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Digital projectors are something every movie lover, video gamer, educator, or business professional has looked into at one time or another. But when it comes to finding the right digital projector, the technical jargon can be difficult to crack in order to find out which projector is right for your situation. If you’re on a […]

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