The 5 Best Portable Projector Screens on the Market

There are now many businesses and individuals that use portable projectors for a variety of reasons. For some, it is all about being able to watch movies and shows on a big screen while others want a more immersive gaming experience. Others view photos and home videos from their devices on the big screen via the projector. For businesses, these projectors provide the perfect means of hosting presentations to big groups.

JaeilPLM 100With so many uses, portable projectors have become hugely popular for commercial and residential use. However, another consideration when buying a portable projector for your home as an indoor theater projector/outdoor movie screen or for the office as a business projector is choosing the right portable projector screen.

There are various screens that you can choose from and you need to look at a range of factors to make your choice. This includes comparing the size of the screen and the cost. However, there are also many features to consider for a portable or pocket projector screen, such the light (ambient light indoors or strong light outdoors)

where it will be used, a fixed or retractable screen, the drape valance, view angle, the carry case, the tint and quality and type of the screen material for a bright image such as white matte or blackout cloth, color accuracy, and even the wall it will stand against, as well as a number of other screen innovations to ensure you get the best picture quality out of your HD projector. You can then make an informed decision with regards to which projector screen is best suited to your home or office.

5 top portable projector screens to choose from

 Choosing the right portable projector screen is all part of the big screen experience, so you should put some thought into the one that you select. There are various options available these days, with a range of sizes and price points to choose from. Amongst the top portable projector screens you will find available are:

VIVO 100-Inch Portable Projector Screen:

VIVO 100 Portable Projector ScreenWith its impressive 100-inch diagonal projection, this portable projector screen is a great choice for enhancing home entertainment. You can forget about having to head to the theater to watch movies when you have this screen, as you can enjoy a theater experience in your very own home.

This is a heavy-duty screen designed for daily use and is also ideal for businesses as well as homes. It is made from MaxWhite screen material and has an auto-locking system so that you can easily adjust the height.

It also has black borders all around the screen to aid light absorption and provide better screen contrast and in turn better image quality.

JaeilPLM 100-Inch Wrinkle-Free Portable Outdoor Projection Screen:

JaeilPLM 100-Inch WrinkleIf you plan to hold entertainment nights outdoors or when camping, this is the perfect companion for your portable projector. This is also an ideal solution for presentations at outdoor events, as it is designed for outdoor use.

Lightweight and easy to transport, this comes with a setup stand and a range of other extras including a transportable bag. You can assemble and dismantle it with ease and it easily fits in the trunk of a car.

It comes with a great quality 16:9 Aspect Ratio screen and its wrinkle-free design means you can enjoy amazing image quality and a superior display.

Best Choice Products 100-Inch Portable Projector Screen:

Best Choice Products 100dThis portable projector screen represents great value for money, as it can be purchased at a very affordable price. It also comes with a heavy-duty tripod stand, which can be adjusted with ease to suit your needs. The projector screen itself offers a 100-inch diagonal display so you can look forward to true big screen viewing and entertainment.

It comes with a 16:9 Aspect Ratio and a smooth rolling screen. You will find that this product is ideal for a range of environments including business presentations, schools, and for use in the home. You will benefit from a high-contrast screen to enhance your viewing and is made from a high-grain matte white material. The screen can also be mounted with ease and boasts a scratch-resistant steel white case.

Pyle PRJTP52 50-Inch Portable Projector Screen:

Pyle PRJTP52 50 Video Projector ScreenIf you are looking for a screen that is a little smaller but still offers high quality, big screen viewing capabilities, this product could be the perfect choice for you. This projector screen comes with a 50-inch diagonal viewing area and the screen is made from white matte material. It is a roll-up screen and has a 4:3 Aspect Ratio. The border of the screen is black in order to absorb light and provide greater contrast when viewing.

The screen comes with a steel tripod and is very quick and simple to set up. It has a manual auto-locking system and comes in an easy-fold design. This screen is perfect for smaller rooms in the home or if you have limited space—or smaller groups—at your office business presentation. It is also perfect for smaller classrooms.

ARKSEN 100-Inch Tripod Projection Screen:

ARKSEN 100 Tripod Projection ScreenOffering excellent value for money and superior viewing capabilities, the ARKSEN Tripod Projection Screen is ideal for businesses, schools, and homes. This screen provides you with a 100-inch viewing platform for your viewing pleasure or for presentations and will make a great partner for your portable projector.

It is a lightweight screen with a scratch-resistant steel case. The black borders on the screen will further improve viewing quality by improving contrast and absorbing light. It as a 16:9 Aspect Ratio and a shelf lock system to enable simple and speedy height adjustment.

The matte white screen ensures the light from the projector is distributed evenly for perfect image quality. Its lightweight design means that this screen is simple to transport. You can even clean this washable screen with water, a great feature for removing greasy popcorn marks!


By choosing the right portable projector screen for your needs, you can ensure that the product you invest in will suit your purposes perfectly. Whether you want a screen for your business, your home, the classroom, an event, or for general outdoor use, you will find the perfect solution from amongst the wide range available. You will also find reviews from other users to help you to make a more informed decision with regards to the screen you choose.

Before you purchase your portable projector screen, make sure you know what sort of size you are looking for based on your personal preference and available space. You also need to look at your budget to set a maximum amount that you want to pay, so that you can look at screens that fall within your price range. However, make sure you don’t sacrifice quality and design in order to cut costs, as this could otherwise have a negative effect on your viewing pleasure when using the screen.

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